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March Erosion in Energy Insight Yearbook. February Will wind energy in the German Bight approach a physical resource limit? February New open-source wind turbine model created. Select research area. Aquatic research Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry Construction and mechanics Earth sciences Electrotechnology. Energy Environment and pollution Food, fish and agriculture Information technology Mathematics Materials.

Medicine and medico technology Physics Production and management Mechanics and engineering Nuclear technologies Polar research. Space research Terrestrial research Transport and logistics Welfare technology Wind energy. Energy Energy is not just essential for all life, but also for the comforts of our modern world. DTU does research in all areas of the energy supply—from production and transport to storage and consumption, with a special focus on sustainable energy forms and systems.

Wind and solar power, fusion, transportation energy, energy efficiency, and building insulation are some of the energy technology areas we specialize in.

Related news Show Departments and Centres. The centre is located at DTU and affiliated with research DTU Compute DTU Compute is an internationally unique academic environment spanning the scientific disciplines mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Our interdisciplinary research areas are big data and data science, artificial intelligence AIinternet of things IoTsmart The department also participates in international Master programmes.

We conduct research within antenna and microwave technology, robot technology In the energy system of the future a large part of the energy will be supplied by fluctuating sources such as solar and wind power.

This makes it critically important to be able to convert and Our activities in research, teaching and innovation are focused on: Air It ranges from basic scientific explorations into light-matter interaction, via communication technologies, lasers and sensors, to collaborations with architects and designers on LED light sources of DTU Management DTU Management conducts excellent research in the intersection between management, technology and economics - in close cooperation with companies and public authorities.

In our research, we focus on the path to efficient and sustainable society. A key element is the role of technology and DTU Mechanical Engineering DTU Mechanical Engineering conducts teaching and research in basic mechanics, advanced design tools, product development, energy systems, coastal hydrodynamics and marine technology. DTU Nanolab operates and maintains advanced processing equipment within m2, classISO certified, open access DTU Physics Department of Physics prioritises research areas within modern physics which represents a significant basic scientific challenge and also has clear application perspectives.

The department has a number of state-of-the-art research facilities, including a supercomputer. Furthermore, the Department Center for Energy Resources Engineering. CFM English. DTU Cen. DTU Nutech. Section for Organic Energy Materials. Sustainability Division.The programme specification is the official description of the MSc programme. The document contains information about e. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Linkedin. Advanced Materials and Healthcare Engineering.

Applied Chemistry. Aquatic Science and Technology. Architectural Engineering.

Civil Engineering

Autonomous Systems. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. Biomedical Engineering. Business Analytics. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Civil Engineering. Focus areas. Programme specification. Communication Technologies and System Design. Computer Science and Engineering. Design and Innovation. Earth and Space Physics and Engineering. Electrical Engineering.

Engineering Acoustics. Environmental Engineering. Food Technology. Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Industrial Engineering and Management. Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. Mathematical Modelling and Computation.The Novo Nordisk Foundation just awarded grants worth DKK 75 million for the purchase of advanced research equipment to strengthen the research infrastructure of biomedicine, clinical research, biotechnology, and the scientific and technical fields at Danish universities and in hospitals.

According to a press release issued by the Novo Nordisk Foundationthree of the grants were awarded to researchers from DTU, while researchers at Odense University Hospital, Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen each received one grant. All six grants enable the researchers to establish advanced research infrastructures that will pave the way for new knowledge in their field. In all six cases, the equipment must also be widely available to the scientific environment, including industry.

She has received funds for the development of a technology platform that can be used to, e. The platform will be used to understand how microorganisms communicate and interact in microbiological societies, so-called microbiomes.

The platform will help increase our knowledge on the chemical signal substances they use, thus enabling us to develop and apply their potential in the field of health and disease fighting in humans as well as in animals and plants. He has received funds for developing a unique infrastructure called HyperNMR.

dtu civil engineering

Among other things, hyperpolarization makes it possible to use NMR for nanoscale trials or for metabolic processes such as those that occur in the body. Hyperpolarization can magnetize bioprobes, which can be used as trace elements in MRI scans.

Advanced medical imaging is an important tool for diagnosing, assessing, and following up on diseases and is a major step on the path to personalized medicine.

Furthermore, the method can be used to monitor metabolic processes in intact cells, tissue, and organs.

dtu civil engineering

Clausen from DTU Chemistry, can establish a platform for automated testing of small molecules to determine if the substances are biologically active. This type of research forms the basis for basic discoveries within chemical biology and can also be the starting point for the development of new medicines. The goal is to accelerate biomedical research in Denmark. DTU receives grant for advanced research equipment Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry Medicine and medico technology.

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Linkedin. Friday 13 Dec Contact Lone Gram Professor. Contact Mads Hartvig Clausen Professor. Three of the six grants were awarded to DTU researchers. Related News.

Department of Civil Engineering

Related videos. News and filters Get updated on news that match your filter.As a Civil Engineering graduate, you will help make a significant impact on ensuring sustainability and functionality. How you construct a building, what materials you use, and where you choose to locate it, all matter a great deal.

You will be responsible for breathing life into the CAD model and ensuring that the structure can be built—with minimum financial and environmental costs. To achieve this, you will have to do more than just draw on knowledge from the basic scientific subjects—mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

You will also need to be proficient in technological disciplines like building techniques, materials science, town planning, infrastructure, environment, energy consumption, and indoor climate. During your BSc programme you will thus receive a basic knowledge of how to design, calculate, and test based on a technical understanding, combined with common sense and logic. During the programme we place great emphasis on using theory and IT to solve practical problems from the real world.

In order to manage a building project—and successfully deal with the environmental, financial, technical, and social challenges that are bound to arise along the way—it is important for you to be able to work together on an interdisciplinary team with architects, manufacturers, contractors, clients, and the authorities. There is great flexibility in your study programme, and to help you make decisions, some recommended courses have been prepared—which you may customize as you wish depending on your interests.

With more than courses in English from the third year onwards, DTU offers a uniquely flexible course structure. Check out you options as a guest students at DTU. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Linkedin. BEng programmes. BSc Eng programmes. General Engineering. Programmes in Danish. Architectural Engineering. Artificial Intelligence and Data.Lyngby Denmark. DTU Mechanical Engineering conducts teaching and research in basic mechanics, advanced design tools, product development, energy systems, coastal hydrodynamics and marine technology.

The Department covers the fundamental engineering disciplines within the field of mechanics, including mechanical properties of materials, strength and vibration analyses, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, safety theory and control engineering.

Within the design and product development areas, the Department develops the basis for design of new land based and marine structures and industrial products which take safety, economy, environmental impact, aesthetics and durability into account.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering attaches great importance to integrated product development and the development of rational design principles for structures. The Department contributes to both the basic and higher levels of instruction in the fields of mechanics, advanced design tools, product development, energy systems and marine technology.

It is responsible for essential parts of the Mechanical Engineering line of the BSc program, and for coordination of the preliminary four-semester programs in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology and of the study fields of Energy and of Design and Mechanics for the MSc program at DTU. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Linkedin. About us. Updated by Camilla Zimmer Svendsen on 24 February DTU Civil Engineering offers building-specific knowledge in everything from individual courses, BEng and MSc programmes to qualifying master programmes.

The Education Managers are responsible of the study programmes of the Department of Civil Engineering.

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The Department is responsible for the study programmes, which belong under the Education Committee. An application-oriented programme that integrates work experience. This programme provides the student with professional skills and is flexible in terms of the range of courses offered.

The programme is divided into two parts. The first part Bachelor programme takes 3 years while the second part MSc programme takes 2 years. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

DTU receives grant for advanced research equipment

Share on Linkedin. Continuing education. Education profile. Education Committee.

Department of Civil Engineering

Photography competition. Bachelor of Science in Engineering BEng An application-oriented programme that integrates work experience. Master of Science in Engineering This programme provides the student with professional skills and is flexible in terms of the range of courses offered.

Updated by Daniel Pedersen on 10 February Contact Per Goltermann Professor.Admission B. Tech Lateral Entry B. Tech under Continuing Education B.

Tech in Geoinformatics M. Department of Civil Engineering. Traditionally Civil Engineering has played an important role in improving the civic life of society by harmonizing the natural resources available on earth. Some of the major areas in the field of Civil Engineering are design and construction of various structures like bridges, buildings, roads, tunnels and dams, developing new construction technologies,Design and development of Foundation systems, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary services, surveying, GIS and remote sensing, and Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering.

Also, Civil Engineers have found an important role in some newer areas like design and construction of waste containment systems, disposal of high level nuclear wastes, and protection of Ground water resources.

In recent years Civil Engineers are facing newer challenges in infrastructure development that is resulting into Development of newer type of foundation Solutions, treatment of natural soils, and development of newer materials.

dtu civil engineering

Further, the role of specialized geotechnical engineers is vital and relevant for any structure to stand and stable on a suitably designed foundation system. Transportation engineering deals with the planning, design and construction of roads, railways, airport, dock and harbors, as well as controlling and regulating the traffic flow. Broadly a civil Engineer is expected to do planning, research, design and construction of buildings and roads; traffic and transportation, irrigation and power, water supply and sewage disposal, dam and reservoirs, ports and harbors, airways and navigation, treatment of industrial wastes and abatement of air pollution, noise pollution and disaster mitigation.

Besides the basic and engineering Sciences the curriculum in Civil Engineering Covers various professional subjects on structures, foundations, construction, works management and cost, transportation Engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering and earthquake technology etc.

The intake at undergraduate level in the Department during the current academic year Is 87 in Civil Engineering. He Department offers M. The sanctioned intake in these four areas of specialization is 88 students. The M. Programmes, for the last 30 years, have contributed significantly to the manpower development in highly relevant areas of national importance.

The department also provides opportunity to working engineers for upgrading their qualification under Continuing Education Programme on part time basis, these programmes are: M. In evening time. The UG curriculum is broad-based and designed to introduce the students with a wide range of problems encountered by civil engineers. Electives, self-study courses, and independently conducted projects are offered in the pre-final year and final year to enable the students to develop additional depth in the areas of special interest to them.

Survey camp and practical training which are part of the curriculum, aim to expose the students to actual field problems. Laboratory experiments, computer aided analysis, design and drawing and the tutorial classes are held to build confidence in the students. The department undertakes to organize special lectures and discussion by eminent persons from the field and industry. The department of Civil Engineering lay greater emphasis on quality research of industrial design and development.

Excellent facilities are available to conduct research for the award of Ph. Tech Program: Click here for details for M. Tech STE.

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