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Thread starter crpollock Start date Apr 13, Status Not open for further replies. Joined Apr 10, Messages 4. I have a Volvo Penta 5. Went to start it up after the winter and would not turn over. I checked the battery in another vehicle and it cranked it up fine. I ran the ignition switch test as posted here and that checked out fine. I also checked the relay switch and "I think" it tested fine.

My next move is the neutral safety swicth. Can someone tell me where this is located and how do a test it or bypass it to see if that is the issue. Joined Aug 2, Messages Re: How to Locate and Test the Neutral Safety Switch Can someone tell me where this is located and how do a test it or bypass it to see if that is the issue I have a 96 5.

Can someone tell me where this is located and how do a test it or bypass it to see if that is the issue I have a 96 5.The neutral safety switch is often an overlooked component of a vehicle.

When you go to start your engine, the gear must be set to Neutral or Park. Most people will already have their gear set to Park from when they parked their car before and that is fine. However, automatic transmission systems are built with a safety component which prevents you from starting the engine if the gear is set to another gear other than Neutral or Park.

This component is the neutral safety switch. For instance, if you inadvertently set the gear to Drive and then try to start the engine, the neutral safety switch will prevent the engine from starting. That way, the vehicle will not roll forward right afterward. In an automatic transmission vehicle, the neutral safety switch is typically placed inside the case of the transmission. It may also be integrated into the linkage which gives the transmission its ability to change gears.

As long as the gear is at Neutral or Park, the neutral safety switch will let the ignition switch send its electrical current to the ignition system and starter motor. Manual transmissions have a different component that acts in a similar manner as the neutral safety switch.

mercruiser neutral safety switch location

This component is installed in the clutch of the vehicle and it prevents the engine from being started if the clutch pedal is not pressed. That is why you need to recognize the symptoms of a bad neutral safety switch. Then you will know when to bring your vehicle to a mechanic so that they can replace your faulty switch. If you have set the gear to park in your automatic transmission and the engine does not crank after you turn the key in the ignition, then you probably have a problem with your neutral safety switch.

Of course, you might not recognize this problem as being directly connected to your neutral safety switch because the same symptom can occur from a bad battery or starter motor. Sometimes the engine might crank in park but not in neutral. This is another possible symptom of a neutral safety switch problem. The switch itself might still be in good shape, but it could be loose in the transmission or there could be an electrical issue that is preventing the switch from receiving power.

The most obvious symptom of a bad neutral safety switch is when you can crank the engine in any gear.Battery is good checked by NAPA, on a shore power charger when not in use. Post a picture of your control.

Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear engagement unless engine is idling Can be installed horizontally or vertically, on the starboard or port side of the boat Provided with a brake tension release system adjustable from outside Pull-out handle disengages shift for warm-up Neutral safety switch X12 - Q prevents in-gear starting Exceeds EN ISO standards when X12 safety switch is installed All models are provided with positive lockin neutral to prevent.

NEW oem Factory Mercruiser!!!!

Mercury Outboard Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

ALPHA shift bracket plate kit. It is mounted on the valve body inside the transmission. I have a 60 hp merc 4 stroke and had the switch go a couple of weeks ago.

Neutral safety switch I believe is only on the Manual trans. I was stranded the motor will not turn over, because it think the motor is in gear. The problem is that when starting the Starboard engine it starts in forward gear, I cant find a Neutral position even though it appears to be in Neutral. If it does you've found your problem. Been there done that on a few Alpha 1's, Mike. If the shift cable is bad, it can cause the switch to "over-activate" and stall the engine when you shift.

My mercruiser is a model, alpha 1 gen 2. My shifter was sort of sticky, and when pushing it forward to get it into forward gear, it would sometimes jump back into neutral, then into drive, etc. For vehicles with automatic transmissions, this part is called the neutral safety switch and has a similar role.

This fits most late model alpha drives and includes the shift assist actuator, shift interrupt switch, and washers, pins, everything seen in the picture. Probable cause for me is a bad contact and voltage drop as result, not enough for solenoid full engauging in kill switch or faulty slave solenoid. If you have stumps for fingers get someone with spindly thin fingers to connect the wires.

I have a problem shifting into neutral from either forward or reverse.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Neutral Safety Switch Location Mercruiser 7. Thread starter djalexg82 Start date Jul 28, Joined Sep 6, Messages I had a friend bypass it and it started in gear with no problems. I cannot get a hold of him so figured I would ask here. I did some reading around and it could be corrosion perhaps but I don't know where to begin, I got all the manuals and I got under the instrument panel but it? One thing to add: I keep the boat covered all the time, however I noticed a tear in the material right next to the controller so I know for a fact that before this whole issue started water defiantly got in on it a couple of times.

I think I covered everything, if not please ask away and thanks for the help! Joined Jul 7, Messages 1, If its an inboard it's on the tranny. Have some towels to work on. The grease that's in these things will stain the carpet and upholstery.

Joined Mar 13, Messages 5, Always disconnect the battery when working on your boat. I want to take it apart and clean it since i can see that there is rust in it.

Is there any particular steps or perhaps a set of instructions i can follow. I just want to be able to take the unit out clean it lube it up and put it back on. Fun Times Moderator. Joined May 16, Messages 7, Does anyone know, how to remove the control unit? NHGuy Captain.Mercruiser Sterndrive Information. Mercruiser Parts. Mercruiser Help. Mercruiser Manuals. Mercruiser Tools. Mercruiser Sterndrives. The number one reason for your engine not cranking is a dead battery.

If you are sure your battery is fully charged there are a few more items that you can check. When you turn on the ignition key do the gauges activate?

This can be a blown ignition fuse, a popped circut breaker, a loose or bad harness plug, a bad ground or even a bad keyswitch. A good tip is to unplug, inspect and plug back in the main harness plug back at the engine. This is a big black rubber "cannon" plug. The pins in the plug or socket can fail to make contact. Clean up the pins and socket holes.

Push the plug firmly back into position but use care not to overtighten the hose clamp. Your engine has red circut breaker button. It's usually mounted on the same bracket where the harness plug is located or where the starter slave solenoid is mounted. Push in the red breaker button really hard.

It's a stiff breaker so push hard. The breaker can pop out if the harness is shorted or overloaded. A bad alternater can also cause a breaker to pop out.

How to Locate and Test the Neutral Safety Switch

You might have to locate the short before using the engine.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Symptoms if it's bad? Neutral Safety Switch? Thanks for even reading this! I hope you can help me. I am wondering if my symptoms are related to the neutral safety switch.

Sunday - Turn the key and only get a series of electrical clicking sounds from under the hood. Starter doesn't crank. I made sure AT shifter was in Park. Fuses are OK. Pulled starter - It checked OK too! Decided to buy new starter instead of re-installing 13 year old original with obvious corrosion issues. Tuesday - Starter installed but just get clicks again. Played with shifter. Still just clicks. I think it's fixed!

Wednesday - Finished re-attaching brake line bracket to frame and muffler bracket. She's completely back together again. Then nothing electrical will turn on for about a minute.

After a minute, it will do it all over again. If I simply turn the key but don't crank it, all electricals will work. I finally got it to start again multiple times but I have a creepy feeling that this is not the end of my problem.

So it seems like I am triggering a circuit breaker type protective device. I am at a loss as to where to look next. Battery or terminal connection dude. Promise you, you put a battery in and bye bye problem See it all the time at work with same complaint Reason all electrical seems ok is because nothing on the vehicle will ever put the same demand on a battery that a starter will If you had no clicking, no nothing, I may think prndl park, reverse, nuetral, drive, low. Originally Posted by Lugnutz.

I pulled battery and tested it and it's fine. Holds under a load. I respect your advice and expertise, but what makes the dash go completely dead after just one click and it will not come back on until I let it sit for a minute?For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights.

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mercruiser neutral safety switch location

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Neutral Safety Switch Location Mercruiser 7.4L V8/Mercury Quicksilver 88688a26

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mercruiser neutral safety switch location

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